GUANG is a story about two brothers the older of whom, Wen Guang, is autistic and cannot focus or socialise with other people. Even so, his brother still tries to help him find a job.
However, because Wen Guang cannot focus, he fails again and again.
He is also constantly getting into trouble making his younger brother angry and feeling helpless.
One day, his brother suddenly hears music coming from his older brother's room.
Opening the door he sees his brother playing and that all along his musical talent has made him shine.

Release DateTuesday, 14 May 2019
RatingCTC - Check the Classification
Running Time1hr 28m
StarringEmily Chan, Kyo Chen, Ernest Chong
Directed byShio Chuan Quek
LanguageMandarin (subtitled)
GenreDrama, Family

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