For days people pray, hoping to stay away from misfortune. Unfortunately, some of them are destined to face misfortune even before their births. Among them, many choose to complain about the unfairness of destiny, spending their lives in resentment.
The rest choose to be wise.
Flower is just one of them.
Surrounded by the beautiful playing of Dombura, Flower was born on the boundless grassland, a girl who was thought to be an outstanding Aken. Sadly, she was a mute.
Thereafter, the touching tune of Dombura endows her with a voice, brings her love, prizes her honour, favours her with a child and makes her cared by life even in a quiet marriage.
Fate without mercy, on the other hand, took her relatives, love, husband and even the ability to play Dombura away.
Finally, all the pain turns into memory, and she stands proudly singing loudly. She believes the high summer is on its way after the freezing cold winter: rippling across the grasslands with green wavelets.
Suffering finally overcome, this 26 year old Kazakh woman, Flower, is a respectful Aken and an eternal singer.

Release DateSunday, 12 May 2019
RatingCTC - Check the Classification
Running Time0hr 0m
Directed byDan Huang
LanguageMandarin (subtitled)

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