A MONGOLIAN TLE tells the story of two childhood sweethearts from their youth into their adulthood as set on the Mongolian steppes. Nai Nai, an old Mongolian woman, is living with her orphaned granddaughter, Someyer, when she accepts into her home a boy, Beiyinpalica, whose mother has died and father cannot care for. Though raised as a brother and sister, Somiya and Beiyinpalica grow close.
As Beiyinpalica is about to enter adulthood, his father suddenly writes and orders him into the city to study veterinary science. He leaves but promises Someyer that he will marry her when he returns.
While in the city, Beiyinpalica also becomes a student of music. When he returns three years later, he discovers that Someyer has become pregnant by another man.

Release DateFriday, 17 May 2019
RatingM - Recommended for mature audiences
Running Time1hr 43m
StarringTengger, Dalarsurong, Naren Hua, Naranhua, Bayirtoya, Haxirdun, Wendillya, Ganghulang
Directed byXie Fei
LanguageMongolian (subtitled)

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Fri 17 May